Ageless Index


This is an index to the Agelessage blogs December 2011 to December 2013.
The Ageless Sage.
Reflections on life by an old missionary who believes that all people are called to care for one another and to care for the earth which we share and so leave it in good shape for those who come after us.
114 Ageless blogs between December 9, 2011 and March 21, 2013.
6 blogs in 2013; 85 blogs in 2012; 23 blogs in 2011.
The Index attaches the month and date to each title so you know exactly where to look for that title when you go to the Archives in
Index to Ageless blogs by date, title and number of words:

21-Mar Vatican and Women 539
14-Mar Pope Francis 505
7-Mar Infallibility On Hold 830
28-Feb Farewell Benedict 441
22-Feb Papal Election 508
14-Feb Benedict Surprise 457
8-Dec Immaculate Conception 445
7-Dec Saint Ambrose 262
6-Dec Saint Nicholas 195
26-Nov Religious Freedom 1040
19-Nov Unity of Christians 1121
12-Nov Church in Today’s World 521
5-Nov Revelation Vatican II 1349
29-Oct The Church Vatican II 1194
22-Oct The Liturgy Vatican II 860
15-Oct Teresa the Doctor 855
8-Oct 50 Years On 978
1-Oct Pious Deceit 1136
24-Sep New Wine-skins 1031
17-Sep Missing Counsel 832
11-Sep Sancta Maria House 905
4-Sep Bartholomew Again 454
27-Aug Saint Bartholomew 792
20-Aug Train of Thought 935
13-Aug John Milton and Galileo 718
6-Aug Galileo’s Daughter 500
30-Jul Message on Screen 369
23-Jul Nuns on Trial 511
16-Jul People of God 822
9-Jul Food for the Poor 766
2-Jul Fortnight for Freedom 355
25-Jun San Juan Bautista 879
18-Jun Penny Catechism 749
11-Jun Corpus Christi 470
4-Jun Filipino Santacruzan 846
28-May Solidarity 711
21-May Pope John XXIII 770
14-May Translations 606
7-May Original Sin 1038
29-Apr Vocations Sunday 603
22-Apr No Time 514
14-Apr 2012 Titanic 631
13-Apr Limbo Revisited 586
2-Apr Good Friday Mother 767
27-Mar Church Dynamite 644
19-Mar Saints Alight 533
1-Mar Where God Weeps 597
29-Feb Dominus Flevit 520
28-Feb Our Father 559
27-Feb Change Your Ways 487
24-Feb The Stations 669
23-Feb Lent Online 394
22-Feb Palms and Ashes 549
21-Feb Parent Leadership 449
20-Feb Father Leo Clifford ofm 349
17-Feb Subsidiarity 717
16-Feb Coincidence 327
15-Feb Saint of the Day 457
14-Feb St. Valentine’s Day 468
13-Feb Lourdes 710
10-Feb New Words 673
9-Feb From the Heart 482
8-Feb Josephine B 545
7-Feb Jesus and Religion 396
6-Feb A Day in the Life Of 656
3-Feb Throat Saint 437
2-Feb On Duty 382
1-Feb Find the Diamond 706
31-Jan Faith Endures 348
30-Jan Two Masters 606
27-Jan Winter Wedding 614
26-Jan Two Ships 549
25-Jan Sister Ursula 544
24-Jan March for Life 507
23-Jan Siege of Jericho 489
20-Jan San Sebastian 483
19-Jan Skills for Ills 549
17-Jan 2012 Anthony abbot feastday 382
16-Jan Vocations Fair 548
14-Jan Every Step Counts 257
13-Jan The Five Steps 490
12-Jan Desert Thirst 518
11-Jan Excess Baggage 489
10-Jan Breakfast All Day 462
9-Jan The Work of Christmas 414
8-Jan An Empty Manger 482
7-Jan Three Wise Gifts 424
6-Jan Traffic Star 407
5-Jan Pencilling Prisoner 431
4-Jan Modern Martyrs 392
3-Jan Actors’ Chapel 458
31-Dec Hogmanay 345
30-Dec The Holy Family 382
29-Dec The Great Silence 391
28-Dec Holy Innocents’ Day 406
27-Dec 12 Days of Christmas 325
26-Dec Boxing Day 344
25-Dec Our Lady of Dallas 371
24-Dec O Virgin of virgins 184
23-Dec O Emmanuel 211
22-Dec O King of the Nations 266
21-Dec O Radiant Dawn 132
20-Dec O Key of David 240
19-Dec O Flower of Jesse’s Stem 245
18-Dec O Adonai 233
17-Dec O Wisdom 194
16-Dec Speaking Truth to Power 248
15-Dec Saint Gall in Africa 257
14-Dec Saint John of the Cross 464
13-Dec Saint Lucy 424
12-Dec Our Lady of Guadalupe 323
11-Dec Three Comings 279
10-Dec Catholics Come Home 291
9-Dec 2011 The Miraculous Medal 326


About johnmarley27

John Marley is a missionary in the Society of Saint Columban. He has lived and studied in Ireland, Italy and the USA, as well as spending many years as a missionary in the Philippines, Chile and Mexico. He sees himself as a citizen of the world, because it all belongs to his heavenly Father. I began this blog to see if I could write something interesting every day based on my own experiences and reflections. I thought it might occasionally appeal to others either as entertaining or maybe inspiring. I choose the topics at random. If I run out of random topics I will either stop writing or perhaps start a series. .

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